The SPHERE SERIES is a collaboration of a group of arts leaders, Jen Sudul Edwards, Neely Verano, Katie Miller, Jessica Moss, Liz Faison and Hilary Burt, supported by our partners in the Charlotte creative community. The group is dedicated to bringing innovators in the arts from all over the globe to engage in thoughtful and relevant discussions on how arts and creativity can spark life-changing dialogue and promote necessary social change. 

The SPHERE SERIES was founded by Hilary Burt.  Hilary is a Professor of Art History and Arts Leadership + Administration at Queens University of Charlotte, NC. She has been published by IGI Global ("Making it Pay: Why Colleges and Universities should reclaim funding and benefits for the liberal arts by adding more practical training"), Trade Routes and the NY Canadian Consulate ("Visual Arts Market in the Tri-State Area for Canadian Art Galleries"), and was copyeditor for the American National Initiative for a Networked Cultural Heritage ("Developing Intellectual Property Policies, A Guide for Museums")

Photographs by: Mitchell Kearny Photography